Templehof urban commons

Can an urban park at the center of Berlin support its own growth? With the opening of the Tempelhof airfield to the public in 2009, our entry for the park's master plan proposes a spatial reuse strategy capable of fostering a self-sustaining green amenity for Berlin. The transformation and reintegration of Tempelhof into the city is not a question of securing a void to balance growth, nor is it driven by the need for a traditional parkland, as Berlin is already 40% green. The real challenge for the design of Tempelhof's future is to devise a park grounded in the reality of 21st cnetury Berlin. TEMPELHOF URBAN COMMONS proposes a new set of reciprocal relations between recreational green, development and preservation - recombining economic, ecological and programmatic potentials to enable its autarchic growth and evolution. in collaboration with MEGAMA studio www.megama.net